Time. It can be spent, but never saved. Which is a sad thing for this Farm Wife. With everything that needs to be done on a daily basis, I would be thrilled to have a savings account where I could deposit a few minutes every day, and when I ‘run out’ of time, I could simply make a small withdrawal, and complete the project at hand, rather than have to leave it for the next day, and run the risk of something else not getting done.

My cousin, Stephen, and his wife, Rose, recently presented me with a gift of time, in more ways than one. The first part of the gift was the time Rose spent dreaming up a special gift for me. The second part was the time she and Stephen spent building the gift. The third portion was the time she spent painting the gift, and according to her, a lot of that time was stopping, starting over, and then repeating that process until she got it just like she wanted it. The fourth part of the gift was the time they took to bring it to me and to spend the afternoon with us, eating lunch, walking around the farm and just talking. Better still, she took the time before heading this way to make a Key Lime Pie for our dessert – and it was unbelievably delicious. The gift in question was literally a gift of time – a 32” clock that now hangs proudly in my kitchen. Each time I walk through that room, not only do I get to see a tanglible gift of beauty, but I also get to see the other gifts she gave – of time and of a piece of her and Stephen’s heart. To make it even more wonderful, she left here with the ‘skeleton’ of a sign Randy and I have been trying to make, and never succeeded. She has offered to paint it and complete it for us. Yet another gift of herself and of her time.

One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is the gift of time. Time is something we cannot create ourselves, nor can we put some aside for a rainy day. It’s a valuable commodity, but every person is only allotted 1,440 minutes each day. If you spend 480 of those minutes asleep, then you only have 960 left to work, eat, and spend with your family and friends. Since none of us is certain that we’ll have a tomorrow, spend your time as wisely as you spend your money. Create a time budget, and make sure you add a category for fun, family and friends. You won’t ever regret it, and it could just possibly make the rest of the time you spend doing chores and other drudgeries a little easier to bear.

Thank you, Stephen and Rose.  For the most wonderful gift a Farm Wife could ever receive.