When I think of Oregano, I can’t help of thinking about a big bowl of hearty stew with a chunk of freshly baked bread, or a plate piled high with spaghetti covered in a rich read sauce. Ah, two of my favorite meals. But there is definitely more to love about oregano than just using it in the kitchen.

Oregano might just turn out to be a great warrior. According to the USDA, the germ killing components might just be a way to fight salmonella. Or, if the oil is diluted, it helps to get rid of fungal infections and athletes foot.   Rub some on those sore muscles after a day of hard work and let it get started easing the pain. And if ringworm is a problem, dilute some and place it on the area to help get rid of it.

Got a cold? Place some dried oregano in a basin of steamy water. Mixed with other dried herbs it helps to produce a sweat that can help loosen that cough. It will help you to get rid of warts, as well.  But the best part is that it is being tested as an anti-cancer property. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if a cure for one of the worst diseases could be found growing in our garden? (Note: this is still being tested, and although it is showing great possibilities, testing is still being done).

Oregano is rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K, not to mention fiber. And my favorite part about Oregano? It is said to help reduce the methane gas produced by cattle, and can possibly increase the milk production. Hmm….I’m thinking I may have to plant a few patches of this easy to grow herb in my pastures, and see if it really works? (I wonder if my milk will taste like spaghetti, though….)

One of the easiest herbs to grow, Oregano loves full sun, unless you live in a hot climate, where it will appreciate a little afternoon shade. It thrives well in a container, where it will ‘waterfall’ over the edges. Water only when the soil is dry, and allow to grow to at least 5 inches before you start pinching leaves. Several years ago I planted this oregano, and it keeps coming back!

(Note:  Always dilute Oregano oil before using topically (coconut oil is one way), and speak with your physician before taking the oil internally.)