Although there are always ‘big’ chores to do on the farm, such as moving and working cows, fixing fence, cutting hay and disking and planting a garden, I find that it’s the little things that are the very life blood of any day. It is these tiny things that usually are taken for granted or done without thinking, that bring me the most joy of each day.

Each morning I wake up and head outside to feed chickens. Normally, it’s a quick and easy job, but lately I’ve been taking a moment to hand feed three of them. They love the extra attention and have begun to quiver a bit in excitement as they wait patiently while the feeders get filled. Smooch is one of them. If he isn’t already on the perch, he’ll come running from the other side of the coop and fly into position, waiting his share. Smooch has always been our fighter – and he usually just can’t wait for Randy to pass by so he can jump all over the Country Boy. Of course, Randy instigates a lot of that. But while sitting on the perch being hand-fed in the morning, he’s just a little love. It’s that extra minute that I take with my hands full of feed that I have the opportunity to sit and think about the wonderful gift my chickens are.

During the day I often absently pick up a fallen limb, pull a weed or two or make a household run-through to put things away. An empty glass here, a dog toy there, or wipe down the counter.  I deadhead a flower or two, water the plants in the greenhouse and snip off a low-hanging branch. Each of these are simple things, but in doing them I can see instant progress, which is something we don’t see a lot of here. It gives my heart a little lift.

At the end of each day, we wash up the eggs we’ve gathered and line them up in colorful rows to dry. To me, it shows that we are, at least in a small way, able to help sustain us. The eggs not only provide food for our table, but a little income from the sales. The blues, greens, whites and shades of brown from pale ecru to almost a chocolate reflect a piece of Nature that is fun to see.

Just as night begins to fall, I head outside to lock up the gate and put the chickens to bed. This usually takes me a bit as I love to walk slowly down the lane and watch as the stars glitter to life. The sounds of the night birds are soothing to my soul, and the soft clucks of the chickens saying ‘Good night’ bring a smile to my face. As I make sure all the kittens are accounted for, I invariably have to pick one or two of them up for a final day’s hug. They always smell like fresh air and hay, one of my favorite scents.

Before we go to bed, we take a minute to turn the eggs in the incubator. Doing this reminds me of how precious life is, and how glorious it is to see a new life emerge from its shell. I can’t wait to feel the soft fluff against my cheek and listen to the sounds of those sweet new voices that will add even more music to the farm.

My favorite part of the day is taking part of the very lifeblood of the farm in those very small ways. It’s an even better life when from morning to bed time we spend time in quiet prayer thanking the One who provided us with this life. God has been very good to us, and we love to celebrate with Him even the smallest of things on the farm. Take time in your day to enjoy the little things. After all, they are the very things that keep you moving forward in a life that can all too often weigh you down with the heavy loads.