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What I Like About Living in the North, Part II

I was writing about how much I loved reading about living in the South. As for Ms. Kat, I love her ability to appeal to the reader’s sense of smell: “I love the odd flowering trumpet vine that’s grown into the Holly in the front garden and the Bridal Wreath that flowers pink, the Azaleas, the Irises, the Honeysuckle and Jasmine. I walk through my yard and the smells almost knock me down.” It has been said that the memories of smells possess the strongest power to bring us back to the past. I agree. I can only imagine what it must be like for a southern Countryman or Countrywoman to breathe in the scent of dogwood or jasmine and think back on a stolen moment with one’s first love among the blooms in a southern Spring. I am made to think of Glen Campbell’s songs “Bonaparte’s Retreat” and “Southern Nights”; both of which were published during my teenage years and still to this day can evoke a painful and powerful longing in this ol’ boy’s heart for “Des jours anciens, et je pleure”. (… Days past, and I weep)
Also, as with Julie Murphree’s post, I also must pay homage to Ms. Kate’s ability to turn me into Pavlov’s dog as I read about the southern foods she makes: “. . . simple food–pinto beans and cornbread, lentils, lasagna, baked (anonymous) chicken, and my homemade bread! Biscuits with the jam and jelly I put up.” The reader begins to realize that while this hayseed is an incurable Romantic, he is also of the age where his love of food has replaced his libido as the primary corporal urge of his carnal desires. (It’s amazing what age does to a man!) More on this tomorrow. –Gary