photo by:  Gary Truckey

photo by: Gary Truckey

Gary tried to throw us a curveball by posting his thoughts on living in the North in 3 parts.  But that’s okay.  This Farm Wife is up for a fun challenge, and Kathleen is an English Professor as LSUS, so I know she’s dealt with his kind before!  So – here is Part 1 of Why Gary Loves Living in the North!

What I Like About Living in the North, Part I
So what do you like about living where you live? Up here in NE Wisconsin, only now has the temperature peaked above freezing. In spite of this, this past Winter has been much easier than the last, which I believe was the worst in my lifetime. Neamoins, I know that I’d prefer living hear to living down South. Still, in the interests of being fair, I’ve invited “The Farm Wife”, (Julie Murphree), and Ms. Kat of “Casa Smith-Coushatta” (Kathleen Tiberius Smith) to send their posts to “La Ferme Sabloneuse”. They both live in the great state of Louisiana, one that is near and dear to this ol’ French Canuck’s heart because it’s the most French of all the states in the Union (or the Confederacy). It’s a win-win for me because I get to have work from two wonderful writers on my blogsite.
I’ve already posted the writings of Julie and Ms. Kate. Ah, what good reading it was too! Reading Julie’s posts, I was craving the “fluffy buttermilk biscuits” and “fried chicken and corn fritters”.
I must admit, there are aspects of Southern Living (there’s actually a magazine by that name) that do not appeal to me. As Julie wrote, “. . . the very idea of sitting in a rocker on a porch, a paper fan in one hand and a glass of ice cold sweet tea in the other, all the while listening to the bass of the bull frogs and the chirping of the cicadas, (and occasionally shooing a snake or gator off that very same porch), is like a glimpse of Heaven.” Well, this ol’ northern hay-seed is glad that there are no gators or cotton mouths around his neck of the woods! More on this tomorrow. –Gary