Marie Hollis!    Marie, email me your mailing address, and I’ll ship you your prize this week.

There was only one person who actually guessed correctly as to what this is – and that was Pam Wilson.  “Your mystery item is a soap saver. I remember my great grandmother making lye soap and when the bars became “slivers” they were collected into the soap saver basket and “swished” through the water to make suds.

Although it does look like something you would cook in over an open fire (popcorn, grilled meats/vegetables, nuts, etc.) it is truly a soap saver.  I have o confess, I am just not that frugal – but after the long hours it takes to make lye soap, I’m seriously considering bringing this little baby back into service!

I want to thank everyone for participating in this drawing, and hope you enjoyed it. I plan to have at least two more over the course of the year,  Stay tuned, and maybe your name can be the next one I draw!