It’s hard enough being in one marriage, but being in two at the same time and making them both work can be taxing to a woman.  I can speak from experience.  I am married to both a man and a farm.

In today’s society more and more people are considering going back to the land and becoming more self-sufficient. There is a louder call for local foods and products, and many are dreaming of becoming the one who provides those items. Even urban dwellers are trying to do their part to provide at least a small portion of their food through balcony and patio gardens. Although there are quite a few books on the market describing how one may go about doing just this, very few, if any describe the ‘flip’ side.  Like what happens when a bottle fed baby bull forces his way into your kitchen before daylight, demanding to be fed. And what he leaves behind in the process, and how much bleach and Mr. Clean it takes to clean it up.

THE FARM WIFE website is the account-to-date of my learning experiences on Paradise Plantation, our sixty acre farm in Northwest Louisiana. It is often humorous, sometimes sad, but always a factual account of day-to-day life on the farm. It tells of my daily rural education on how to be a good Farm Wife by the seat of my pants and how I am held together in the hard times by my faith in God.  Through The Farm Wife website, you can sit in on some of the conversations that take place at Alona’s, the local hairdresser and meeting place for a bunch of little old ladies and few of the gentlemen that are brave enough to come. Want to know what to grow in your garden next year? I’ll let you know what I’m growing, and how to can it for the winter. Thinking about buying cows, pigs or chickens? Maybe by reading about my joys and grief, you’ll be able to decide if that’s what you really want. I’ll offer some ideas for you to start your own community gatherings, and draw a closer circle of friends and neighbors. And I’ll share with you what books I’m reading, and my opinion of them. If you aren’t sure what to fix for dinner or that potluck coming up, check out the recipe section.  Need prayers? I’ll join you in heart on the prayer bench down by the pond, and we’ll pray together. And if you want a kitten? Let me know.  I probably have some extras.

As far as the Divas go, let me clarify myself.  I really do not intend any slight towards those who can’t stand dirt. I know some wonderful, beautiful women who avoid it like a plague.  But, if you can’t live with anything short of a perfect manicure, if you prefer heels to rubber boots, if you and your stylist have heart failure when your hair is less than perfect, and if you prefer the scent of Chanel No. 5 to Eau de Barnyard, you really may want to rethink the idea of being a Farm Wife. That, however, does not prevent you from enjoying this website, trying some of the recipes, planting some herbs in pots on your patio and getting a daily reminder of why shopping is so much more preferable to you than a barn.

So, with all that said, please join me on my day-to-day endeavors of trying to turn a Green Acres lookalike to the rural Paradise that we in good faith named our farm. We’re still much closer to Oliver and Lisa Douglas’ homestead in Hooterville, but with the Lord’s help, a lot of hard work and an industrial-size bottle of aspirin and bag of Epsom Salt, we just might make progress someday.